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How to inspect self-levelling flooring
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As the self-levelling flooring is widely employed in all industries, including medical, IT and so on, however the concern on how to inspect the self-levelling flooring is increasingly prevailed in all clients and engineering firms, here we shall present some tips on the basis of our engineering experience together with our R& D.
      1>apperance, from its name literally, the flooring shall be seamless flat and glossy, now some coating producers will solve the levelling-ability by adding excessive solvent, and thereby some other defects will be withgoing resulting from its formulation, including lower hardness, bubble and pinhole;
      2>hardness, as mentioned above, lower hardness will be with some flooring, and anti-abrasion ability will be on also;
      3>reflect rate, it is a higher technical demand for flooring, it is a hard index to inspect directly and easily for clients, but can be easily felt, generally speaking, the rate shall be above 90%, however now in the market, these are all not more than 80%, then the floor looks dim, and now, ours is all above 90% from our quality coating and engineering experience.