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The tips of anti-corrosion resin mortar flooring
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Presently, resin mortar is widely employed for anti-corrosion cases for its excellent anti-corrosion performance together its reasonable cost. Here some conclusions are given among different types of resin mortar. Now local firms would employ 902 aromatic UPR, epoxy resin & vinyl ester resin.
      1>902 resin mortar: low viscosity for processing, good shock resistance & abrasion resistance. It is widely used, compared to below epoxy resin mortar, it is characterized with a lower cost and elevated corrosion resistance;
      2>epoxy resin mortar: good resistance to alkali in all cases, and medium resistance to acid in room temp( except HF acid), rich evidence shows much excellent performance is achieved when increasingly taken by 902 UPR mortar.
      3>vinyl ester resin mortar: widely adopted overseas and increasing examples are reported by local firms, with good resistance to acid, alkali & other organic solvents,high mechanical property can be achieved in room temperature.
      Hitherto, we have achieved a lot via several R&D research, e.g low shrinkage resin & flexible resin are invented first in mainland.